Title: Never Cheat On Your Barber

Location: Jonnies Barbershop, Finsbury Park, London, UK 

Year: 2021 - Ongoing...

Photographer: Vince Abayomi Dubre

Words: Vince Abayomi Dubre


Situated in the heart of Finsbury Park, Jonnies Barbershop is a Black-owned business that is open to all.  Opened in 1994, the well-known barbershop has had many customers walk in and out of its doors. When you think of Black British businesses that have stood the test of time I can't think of a business that has had as much longevity as a barbershop within the African Caribbean community. A reason for this is because as much as it is run by the owners and barbers it is just as much the community that keeps the spirit of Jonnies alive. 


Growing up as a Black British kid in London I was fortunate enough to be surrounded by many communities from the African & Caribbean Diaspora. There was an adage that always hear throughout my life and that was to "Never Cheat On Your Barber". This meant that groups situated in different parts of London had their own specific barber to go to, not because of location, but because of loyalty. In my opinion, this is why so many barbershops have had longevity and run as community businesses for so long. 


My regular barber, Terry, introduced me to the other barbers and Douglass, the owner of Jonnies.